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Mastery will be demonstrated by passing a test. However, before a test will be given, you must complete 50% of the practice problems and correctly complete the appropriate Math Gateway Problem. The practice problems must be completed before any work on the Gateway Problem; successful completion of the Gateway Problem will make you eligible to take the test. If you fail the test, the remaining practice problems, additional practice work, and complete an additional Gateway Problem must be completed before the test can be retaken.

Mathematics: Systems of equations
Level 2:  
Solve a system of linear equations and inequalities by graphing and apply to a real world problem.
Use substitution to solve a system of linear equations and real-world applications
Explore the relationship between slopes and the number of solutions of a system. Investigate the relationship between the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.
Use addition or subtraction to solve systems and real-world problems, choosing the most appropriate method of solution.
Use matrices to solve a 2 x 2 system of equations
Analyze real-world data using scalar multiplication, matrix addition and subtraction. Use matrix multiplication in real-world situations.
Level 3 = L2 +
Solve a 3 x 3 system of equations using matrices, determinants and Gaussian Reduction.
Level 4 = L3 +
Solve an m x m system of equations using matrices, determinants and Gaussian Reduction.
Honors = L4 +
Design a spreadsheet (or use another application) that will solve an m x m system of equations.

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