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Problems: Choose ONE problem to investigate. (Use the list below to get an idea for a problem to investigate): For best results, you should pick a problem that interests you. This list is NOT complete. Rather, it is here to give you ideas and to help you recognize problems as you look around at our community. Think about what you hear in class and on news programs.

Each problem below is followed by specific examples. You should pick a specific example from the list or from your own experience for the focus of your project. If this is an individual project, you might team up with other students who are addressing other parts of the same issue and each person use a different example for the focus of their project.

  1. People are malnourished because they do not know how to eat for best health.

    1. Nutritional information is not readily available in a language the person can read.

    2. The person cannot read, therefore cannot benefit from nutritional information available on food labels.

    3. Nutritional information is available, but people do not understand what it says.

    4. Women do not know that they can prevent birth defects by eating the right food.

    5. Athletes and scholars do not know what, or when to eat for best performance.

  2. People are malnourished because they choose the wrong food.

    1. Eating disorders lead to malnutrition.

    2. Fast food and other easily available food is often high in Calories and low in nutrients.

  3. People are malnourished (and/or undernourished) because they can not afford nutritious food.

    1. They don’t know how to cook healthy meals using inexpensive ingredients.

    2. Organizations providing food for the hungry and homeless have small budgets and great need.

    3. Families sometimes do not have enough money to buy enough food.

  4. People are malnourished because they don’t like the taste of food that is good for them.

    1. The food people grew up with is not available in this country and people are not aware of appropriate substitutes.

    2. People need recipes and menus which fit their own tastes and budgets.

  5. People are undernourished because they cannot get food.

    1. People do not have transportation to a source of food

    2. People are restricted to their homes by ill health, neighborhood conditions, or other causes.

    3. People do not have enough money to buy the food they want.

    4. People do not spend available food money to get the best nutrition.

  6. Available food is not nutritious or is unappealing.

    1. Students feel that the school lunches are __________

    2. Food at ____________ (restaurant) could be more nutritious.

    3. Nutritious food is too expensive so people eat substitutes which are less nutritious.

  7. Lack of proper food causes illness.
    1. Deficiency diseases can result from malnutrition.

    2. Too much of some foods is related to certain health problems.

    3. Some diseases change the body’s requirements for nutrients.

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