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.The Basic 5 Steps of a Science Project

1. Problem: Ask a question which can be answered by observation and/or experimentation.

2. Hypothesis: State your hypothesis. Students will predict what the outcome will be based on the students’ experiences and/or information collected from available resources.

3. Procedure:

  1. Material: List every item which is needed to do the experiment. Include equipment as well as materials.
  2. Method: List a step-by-step sequence of exactly what is done.

4. Results: Display a complete record of your observations and/or results. Note any accidents, mistakes, unusual or unexpected observations and additional information which surfaces. Use graphs and/or charts to present your data.

5. Conclusion: Using the data from your results, answer the question asked in Part 1. Then, note any additional comments, explanations of why the results did or did not match your hypothesis. Also note any information, which you learned from your research which would be relevant (include a Bibliography).

Submit a Notebook with your project, which will present the Basic 5 Steps in more detail and the Bibliography. Although some or all of the information may be displayed on your exhibit, it is strongly recommended that you have a Notebook as part of your project.

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