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About the Author:  Lily T. Ning

Lily Ning received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology and her Single Subject in Life Science and Multiple Subjects Teaching Credentials from San Francisco State University. She taught Science at Burlingame Intermediate School for five years, becoming a Master Teacher, member of the Burlingame School District Science Standards Writing Team, and a presenter for regional and state conferences (including the California League of Middle Schools Annual Conference).

She is the Director of the San Francisco Teachers Center (www.sfteacherscenter.org), a public/private partnership with San Francisco State University, for people pursuing their Single Subject Teaching Credential and/or Master of Arts Degree in Education. She also is a Site Director for Aim High (www.aimhigh.org), a summer school program for low-income middle school students of San Francisco.

Lily lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and four house rabbits.

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