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Science Fair Categories

Your Science Fair Project should fit into one of the following categories.

1. Biological Sciences:

  • includes projects that involve living things or once living things
  • examples of projects in this category are studies of plant growth, cell structure, molds, preservatives, growth and development

2. Environmental Sciences/Ecology:

  • includes projects that involve the environment and the relationships of living things to each other and/or to the environment
  • examples of projects in this category are studies of organisms in their habitat, relationships between various organisms, and studies on how people’s actions affect the environment

3. Physical Sciences:

  • includes projects involving non-living things
  • math, computer, and engineering projects are included in this category
  • other topics in this category are aerodynamics, probability, crystal growth, evaporation, solar power, electrical circuits

4. Earth Sciences:

  • includes projects involving the earth and physical phenomena
  • examples for projects in this category are weather, astronomy, rocks/minerals, and water

5. Behavioral/Social/Health Sciences:

  • includes projects related to health, psychology, or consumer/product testing
  • examples would be perception studies, aptitude and attitude surveys, product comparisons, and various exercise studies

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