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Science Fair Notebook Guidelines

By now, most of you have your project pretty well figured out. I expect that you will be starting your procedures and experiments this week, or this weekend at the latest.

1. Your Notebook should be kept in a separate folder. You may also keep your Notebook on a computer. Keep it organized and neat. When it is due for the Notebook Check on _______________, you will put all your pages in some sort of folder with your name on the outside of the folder. You must keep your name OFF of all your notes and data.

2. In your Notebook, keep ALL the papers that you have turned in to me regarding your project. You must include your Science Fair Proposal and Written Project Plan. This will ensure that you pay attention to my questions and concerns.

3. Keep your papers in chronological order. Your first pages should be your first ideas, followed by your written statement. I would like you to make a project plan after addressing the problems I pointed out in your Science Fair Proposal. The earliest papers should be closest to the front of your Notebook.

4. Every day that you do ANYTHING that relates to your project, write it down in your Notebook. This is your Daily Log. For example:

    You go to the hardware store to buy some materials, and find that they don’t have exactly what you want. After discussing this with the person that helps you, you decide that some similar material may work.

    Record a change in the weather, if that is a variable in your experiment.

    Write in your Notebook any time you become inspired or discouraged by your project. Give reasons why.

    Record any change in your stated procedure, and give reasons why you changed it.

5. Video may be a good source of data, but it is not recommended as a part of your display, because of the value of the display equipment (TV and VCR to show your video).

6. As you perform your experiments, record your data on the data sheets that you have designed. If you find that the data sheets that you have designed are not suitable, make adjustments, and record the changes in your Notebook.

7. It is suggested that you write a Final Draft Proposal and Written Project Plan for your Final Draft Notebook. You still need to keep the originals in the Notebook.

8. Important Note - your Science Fair Notebook should be organized according to the Notebook Grade Sheet.

Name:___________________________________________ Period:____________
1. Notebook in on time 10 .
2. Organization:
  • Title Page
  • Daily Log
  • Overall Notebook
10 .
3. Final Draft Question, Purpose, and Statement of Hypothesis 10 .
4. Final Draft (Completeness) Materials & Method, including Sketches 15 .
5. Final Draft (Completeness) of Daily Log 10 .
6. Final Draft (Completeness) of Data & Data Sheets/Charts 10 .
7. Graphs 10 .
8. Value of Research 10 .
9. Originality of Idea 5 .
10. Conclusions 10 .
TOTAL 100 .


What will you do first, after your Proposal and Written Project Plan have been approved.? (Get Materials!) Then? (Get a place where you can perform your experiments.) Control VARIABLES! Let your parents know what you are planning, so that they can help you brainstorm through difficulties.

Come to me if you are having problems, so that we can try to solve them before it is too late to change anything.


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