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Science Fair Project Timeline

1st Week
Day 1
_________ Introduction to Science Fair
1st Week
Day 2/3
_________ Media Center/Library Research for Science Fair Topic
2nd Week
Day 10
_________ Proposals DUE. Proposals will include:
  1. Category of project
  2. Investigative Question(s) and Purpose of your experiments (What problem are you going to solve?)
  3. Your hypothesis or hypotheses
  4. Resources (books, magazines, etc.)
4th Week

Day 24

_________ Written Project Plan DUE. Project Plans will include:
  1. Materials needed
  2. Step by step Method to be followed (experiments)
  3. Identify the “Control” and “Variables” of your experiment
  4. Sample Data Sheets that you will use to record your data
4th Week to 6th Week
Day 24 to Day 40
_________ Work on experiments, recording data and keeping your Notebook. Your Notebook MUST CONTAIN:
  1. Science Fair Proposal Paper
  2. Written Project Plan Paper
  3. Data Sheets
  4. Daily Log, which includes:
    • Notes on your Procedure
    • Your interpretation of data
    • Difficulties you encounter
    • Ideas for improving the investigation

*Take PICTURES (NO FACES) of experiment for DISPLAY*

5th Week
Day 31
_________ Revised Written Project Plans DUE (IF REQUIRED). Everyone else, KEEP WORKING!
7th Week
Day 41
_________ Notebooks should be in a Folder, not a Binder. Notebooks DUE for 1st CHECK. At this time, include a brief summary of what you have done so far and how it is working. I will be checking your work to see if you need to revise your plan. Meanwhile, KEEP WORKING!
7th Week to 10th Week
Day 42 to Day 58
_________ Continue experiments, recording in Notebook, as described in the four steps outlined on the first page and handout for the Notebook.
  • Start Scientific Paper (see handout for details)
  • Start Building Display (see handout for details)
10th Week
Day 59
_________ Notebooks DUE for 2nd CHECK
11th Week

Day 66

_________ Scientific Papers DUE for CHECK
11th Week to 12th Week
Day 63 to Day 75
_________ Make any revisions as necessary. Prepare Notebooks _________ and Scientific Papers for review.
  • Revise Scientific Paper
  • Continue working on Display
13th Week Day 76 _________ Notebooks DUE (FINAL DRAFT)
13th Week
Day 80
_________ Scientific Papers DUE (FINAL DRAFT)
13th Week
Day 77 to Day 82
_________ Teacher review of Notebooks and Scientific Papers
  • Finish Display
14th Week
Day 85
_________ Displays DUE
14th Week
Day 83 to Day 89
_________ Revise Scientific Paper, if needed
15th Week
Day 90
_________ ALL Notebooks, Scientific Papers, and Displays must be submitted for Judging and Open House
15th Week
Day 91
_________ Prepare Project for FINAL DISPLAY for JUDGING and OPEN HOUSE
15th Week
Day 92
15th Week
Day 93
_________ OPEN HOUSE

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