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Teaching Tropical Rainforest Biology

Tropical Rainforest Images:

       Rainforest Plants:
  1. Tree Buttress
  2. Bromeliad with Frog
  3. Monkey Ladder
       Useful and Edible Plants:
  1. Panama Hat Palm
  2. Chambira Palm Fibers
  3. Irapay Palm Roof
  4. Rainforest Fruits
  5. Cacao Fruit
  6. Achiote Fruit and Leaves
  7. Banana Flower and Fruit
       Medicinal Plants
  1. Ginger
  2. Sangre del Grado
  3. Cinchona Tree
  4. Una de Gato

       Studying the Canopy
  1. ACEER Canopy
  2. Ladder at Gombak
  3. Walkway at Bukit Lanjan
  4. Walkway at ACEER
       Animal Adaptations
  1. Malaysian Horned Frog
  2. Wallace's Flying Frog
  3. Flying Lizard
  4. Great Hornbill

       Indigenous Tribal People
  1. Temuan Hunters
  2. Temuan Home
  3. Temuan Man
  4. Yagua Village
       Riberenos of Peru
  1. Riberenos Home
  2. Rural Peruvian School
  3. Peruvian School Children

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