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Teaching Tropical Rainforest Biology

Links to Tropical Rainforest Websites

General Rainforest Information

  • Rainforest Information Centre A site with much information regarding causes and solutions to rainforest destruction, indigenous peoples, and a consumer guide to rainforest wood products.

  • Rainforest Action Network: As the name suggests, this is a site which not only offers general information about rainforests but also suggestions on how to help in their conservation.

  • Rainforest Links

  • Wealth of the Rainforest This site has been established by Rainforest Nutrition, Inc. which attempts to market sustainable rainforest products. The site has much information on rainforest ecology, deforestation, conservation, and useful plants

  • Conservation International CI is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the earth’s biodiversity. At this site, one can find information on rainforest travel, conservation and sustainable rainforest products.

Educational and Research Organizations

  • Jatun Sacha Foundation Jatun Sacha is a biological research station in the Amazon Basin of eastern Ecuador. Through this site you and/or your students might visit or support this institution.

  • The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) For a biologist, the ACEER is one of the great travel destinations of Amazonia. This is due primarily to the canopy walkway which exists there. This website offers information about ACEER’s mission and ways you can help support the institution.

  • The Nature Conservancy This organization fosters rainforest conservation through its "Adopt an Acre" program. This might make a worthwhile fund raising project for your class or science club.

  • The Amazon Conservation Team This nonprofit organization is under the directorship of Dr. Mark Plotkin, a world-renowned ethnobotanist. There is a variety of useful tropical rainforest information here.

Ecotourism Organizations

  • The Ecotourism Society: Ecotourism Explorer. Not everyone agrees that ecotourism is a good idea. This site offers both sides of the issue. A good resource for students reporting on ecotourism.

  • Explorama Lodges For those interested in ecotourism travel to the Peruvian Amazon, this website offers information on one of the more popular destinations.

  • Holbrook Travel This company offers packages for individuals, teachers, and student groups to Central and South America. They are highly efficient and use resident people for there guides, food services, and other amenities.

  • International Expeditions, Inc. Another company which specializes in world-wide ecotourism, IE has tours to many areas in Central and South America. Based upon my experience, they too try to utilize native residents whenever possible.

Links Updated: 24 August 2009

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