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News from the 1996 Access Excellence Summit

N E W S F R O M T H E 1 9 9 6 A C C E S S E X C E L L E N C E S U M M I T

Many of the Summit speakers explored the theme of Ethnobotany and the social implications of this field of biological research

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The Daily Buzz
Drop by for a "virtual visit" to the Summit Sessions.

The Activities Share-a-thon
Start your day with a cup of coffee and teaching ideas from the AE Fellows

The 1996 AE Fellows Scrapbook
Lauren Jensen and Dave Masterman took turns recording the 1996 AE Summit for posterity using a digital Apple QuickTake Camera. See if you can spot yourself and your friends!

The Access Excellence Fellows Map
The Access Excellence Fellows come from all parts of the US. Connect with a teacher in your neighborhood.

Talk to the Scientists
Interviews with the Summit speakers and special guests

Commencement Tips for the Fellows
Ten tips for the Fellows about telecommunications and the care and feeding of their computers.

The Tableau Team
The Worker Bees behind the scenes

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