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Monday, June 24

George Sly - Lessons in Biodiversity: The Writings of Aldo Leopold
Elke Bergholz - Do Salt Water Fish Drink?
Faye Cascio - Travel Brochure of the Body Systems
Jan Bowersox - Log Book Guidelines
Barry Roth - Biotechnology Online: Enhancing Students' Problem-Solving Abilities

Tuesday, June 25

Chris Hilvert - Glenbrook South High School Science Scoring Rubric: Student Laboratory Reports
Judy Jones - You Belong in the Zoo Project - Using HyperStudio
Marguerite Graham - Itty Bitty City: The Microscopic World in a Drop of Pond Water
James Deaver - Modeling the Anatomy of a Grass Plant
Kathy Yorks - Using Dialogue Journals in Support of Science Instruction
Tom Conley - Acting Potential
Maria Elena Robles - Our Endangered Resources: The Trees - Using Science Writing through Imagery and Making Recycled Paper
Denise Marie Sobieski - Classroom Science Fair Project
Jon Fiorella - Pollen Collection and Identification

Wednesday, June 26

Richard Filson - Camouflage and Protective Coloration: A Model of Natural Selection
Susan Plati - Biochemical Placemats
Kirk Brown - Transpiration
Donald Bockler - Sci-Fi/Biotech Video Worksheets
Gail Wortmann - Authentic Assessment/Lab Practicum (Video Format)
Gloria Latta - A Simulation of the Spread of HIV
Marilyn Fry - Traveling with Students
April Sims - Whose Skeleton is in Your Closet?

Friday, June 28

Judith Averbeck - Visualizing a Human Gene with Its Introns & Exons
Therese Clark - Model of a Bacterial Plasmid
Jane Crumlish - DNA Week
Linda Culp - Sampling Carbon Dioxide
Stan Hitomi - Biotechnology Education Program
Toby Mogollon Horn - Pliable Proteins
Joseph Windham - DNA Extraction Lab

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