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DNA Week

Jane Crumlish
Neshaminy High School
Langhorne, PA

Type Of Entry

Class activity or Project

Type Of Activity

Combination determined by individual teacher

Target Audience

Biology students

Background Information

The purpose of this activity is to raise the student's awareness of DNA, the Human Genome Project and future DNA related careers. Each day is designated for a different activity. The first week of April was selected since April 2, 1953 was the date the final manuscript went to the publishers and April 6, 1928 is James Watson's birth date. See lesson/activity for the NHS timetable. Teachers can select what would work for them.

Notes To The Teacher

The first year NHS celebrated was 1995; during DNA Week we only did announcements during the week. This year, 1996, we had only four days and had a different theme per day. Genome the Gnome was the mascot of the week and was featured on signs, pins, and announcements throughout the week. We are setting up a student committee for 1997.

Required Of Students

Students should know the basic structure of DNA.

Preparation Time Needed

The amount of time involved would be based on the amount and type of celebration

Class Time Needed

The DNA celebration can range from full periods to just a mention of DNA.

Abstract Of Activity

DNA WEEK-- April 1 to 7 Students become aware of DNA, the Human Genome Project and DNA careers. Each day from April 1 to 4 had a different theme. The fifth theme will be CAREER DAY.

Monday, April 1Genome Day
Tuesday, April 2Pin Day
Wednesday, April 3Dna Fingerprinting Day
Thursday, April 4The Wearing Of The Jeans (Genes) To Honor James Watson On His Birthday - April 6, 1928

DNA Week
April 1-7

Materials Needed:

Labs and activities about DNA


Attached is the timetable and list of activities that NHS used.

Method Of Evaluation/Assessment:

Students can learn about DNA through the activities and traditional test methods can be used to evaluate this. But how do you measure enthusiasm?

Monday, April 1 Genome Day

Tuesday, April 2 Pin Day

Wednesday, April 3 Dna Fingerprinting Day

Thursday, April 4 The Wearing Of The Jeans (Genes) To Honor James Watson On His Birthday

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