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Congratulations, Fellows! It's been quite a week...full of fun, periods of frustration and full stomachs. Now it's time for you to take the reins of the program as you buzz back to your homes and schools.

Top Ten Commencement Tips

  1. Computers crash....don't panic.
    To reboot, just hold down the "Control" key and the "Command" key (that's the one with the apple on it) and then press the "Start Up" key.

    If your computer totally hangs, push the horizontal button on the back panel. This is a sure fire way to shut down the computer no matter how messed up it seems.

  2. Sometime in the future, you may need to replace or update your software. A good place to obtain internet software and utilities for the Mac is Mac on the Net.

  3. If you want to change your Internet service provider (ISP), check out The List, which has service information for nearly 3,000 providers in the world.

  4. To reset your modem, quit out of all running applications and drag the modem icon into the trash to eject it. Once the modem card has popped out, reseat it securely.

  5. Remember to reset your dial-in number to a local number. This is one way to avoid cardiac arrest when you receive your next phone bill!

  6. Although email is great, a good way to share information is to use the message boards. That way, everyone benefits.

  7. If you have a great activity to share, why not upload it onto the Activities-to-Go area

  8. We want to keep the AE mailing list up to date, so please drop us a line when you settle on an Internet service and have your "permanent" email address. If you are looking for email addresses of teachers and friends around the country, try The Internet Address Finder. It's amazing!

  9. Remember that Access Excellence is for ALL high school biology teachers. As a Fellow, consider yourself a "virtual pal" to teachers whom you may never meet face-to-face.

  10. Thank you for making the Summit such a success! We'll miss you...but remember we are just an e-mail away. Although the Summit is over, your job has just begun.....GO FOR IT!

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