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Sean Henahan
Sean Henahan, News Editor of Access Excellence, brings more than ten years of experience as a professional journalist. After studying classical languages (Latin & Greek) at theUniversity of California, Santa Cruz and later, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, he began his writing career as a foreign correspondent for the Medical Tribune, America's leading medical newspaper.

He eventually returned to the US, and has been a writer and editor for many medical newspapers and journals as well as popular magazines. During this time he developed his interviewing skills talking to many leading newsmakers including Jonas Salk, Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier (co-discoverers of the AIDS virus) and Apollo astronaut Alan Shepard. In addition to his post at Access Excellence, he is also the West Coast Editor for the journal Primary Psychiatry. He lives in San Diego with his wife Tamlin and daughter, Grace.

Lauren Jensen, 1995 AE Fellow
A native of Arizona, and 1985 graduate of the U of A. Majored in Pre-Veterinary Science, worked for a feedlot diagnostic consultant firm. After dedicated rumination, made a drastic career adjustment. Obtained a Post-baccalaureate secondary education degree 1988 from the College of Education at the U of A. Taught in the California high desert for four years. In order to maintain my CA certification, I attended a field course in Marine Invertebrates. The course extended down the Gulf of California side of the Baja Penninsula, dry camping and snorkling the entire 35 days. While down in Cabo San Lucas BC, Mexico, learned of the invasion of Kuwait. Presently teach in Yuma, Arizona at my alumna, Yuma High School. The school originated in the Yuma Territorial Prison, which was commonly refered to in the �old� western movies, after the prison was decommissioned a new school was built. Therefore our mascot is the Criminal, unique in the United States. Yearbook advisor for 3 years and presently coach Academic Decathlon.

Kathy Liu, AE Founding Teacher
Kathy teaches in the San Francisco area, often likened to the Tibet region, which maintains a 55 degree temperature and is submerged in a fog bank during the summer. As a child her favorite birthday party game was musical chairs which encouraged her to move from not one school but to four in close proximity. Wherever there is a low tide, Kathy is there showing the wealth of marine invertebrate knowledge. Compromising her love for ecology and biology her favorite foods are Calamari, scallops, peilla, and ceviche. Tide pool field trips are second to the Solar seeking field trips. There isn�t a topic in the science she hasn�t taught. You name it, and she can produce a canned curriculum for it.

David Masterman, 1995 AE Fellow
Being a dedicated computer geek, Dr. Masterman continues to be interested in computer interfacing and data analysis. Check out his latest work, Probeware, a WEB session for teachers interested in using CBL and computer interfacing in high school labs. He has just completed writing Biology with Computers, a book distributed by Vernier Software. It is a book of laboratory experiments utilizing computer interfacing for data collection and analysis for high school biology classes. He is the CEO, programmer, and janitor at MasterComp, Inc. which produces educational software. Lab Partner, the flagship software product, was developed as an integral component of Glencoe/McGraw Hill's middle and high school science programs. Recently David has been working with just a few organizations such as Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship as a participant in the 1983 Chemistry Institute and as a computer instructor at the 1991 Biology Institute In addition, he is a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, a Tandy Scholar, and a co-author of a NSTA-Toyota award. He was snow-bound in Jackson, WY for many years prior to moving to Seattle. He enjoys river rafting, cross-country skiing, designing lab experiments, and computer programming.

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