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The National Health Museum (NHM) is conducting a series of carefully managed online trials using selected advertising messages delivered to Access Excellence (AE) by Google's AdSense program.  This is the second test in the series.  The primary purpose of these trials is to a) develop familiarity with AdSense technology and methods, b) assess the levels of control available to available to AE during a live experiment, c) determine the impact of appropriate advertising on the Web site and its users, and d) estimate the revenue potential from the use of such advertising.  

Our general standards for this series of tests, which are subject to change during the tests, are that advertising appearing on AE must a) conform to NHM's Online Advertising Policy (available below), b) where possible add value to our users' experiences, and c) not reflect negatively on AE and NHM.

We appreciate your consideration of our efforts to continue exploring new program opportunities and support activities for Access Excellence, and invite you to comment on this trial by clicking on the link below.  

Thank you.

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