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General Science Questions

This site's primary focus is on Biology teaching. Due to this, and limited human resources, it is not possible to answer science questions we receive. However, the following sites may be able to help:

Other sites like these are listed by category in the AE Resource Center.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, you can also search this site or the "Teacher's Lounge" Discussions to find information that might answer your question.

Questions about Genentech products or health issues

Genentech and Access Excellence are not authorized to offer advice on health issues. However, Genentech does have a number of products that address a wide range of health disorders. To obtain information on Genentech products, click here.

Questions Specific to Biology

Because of its focus on Biology, this site already contains answers to many of the most frequently asked Biology questions. The most common topic asked about these days is biotechnology, especially cloning. The "About Biotech" and "What's News" sections contain most of this site's information on biotechnology and cloning. If your question pertains to another biology topic you can investigate the "Teacher's Lounge" Discussions. There, Biology teachers are discussing every Biology topic imaginable so they are probably discussing yours.

You can also search this site.

Requesting Permission to Use AE Content

Linking to AE Content

If you just want to link to a page on AE, go ahead and do it. We have only one limitation regarding links to our pages: no frames. Although you may link all you want, we would appreciate it if your links did not present AE pages surrounded by frames from another site. If you are not familiar with this, then it is probably not an issue for you so consider this permission to link to our site.

Reproducing AE Content for Print

If your purpose for our content is purely educational, does not involve any type of resale, and only involves a small number of printed reproductions, then please email a list of the URLs from which you intend to access our content. The list is important because different copyrights may apply to certain parts of our site. Once we confirm receipt of the list of content, you may use the listed content for inclusion in your printed teaching materials.

Reproducing AE Content for Electronic Media

We prefer that requesters simply link to our site, rather than reproduce our content on their own sites. That best uses the web and avoids obtaining the variety of copyrights for content on our site. If simply linking to parts of our site can possibly suit your needs please consider this email as permission to link to our web pages. Please let us know to which web addresses you are going to link.

If your needs would require you to reproduce our content on your website, we would first need to establish that your purpose for our content is purely educational and does not involve any type of resale. If so, then we would require the following:

  • a list of the specific web addresses (from our site) from which you want to obtain our content.

This is very important because different parts of our site have different copyrights. Once we have the list of web addresses for the content you want, we will establish whether we can extend copyright permission. Again, to do this effectively and efficiently, we need the actual web address for each bit of content.

We would also require the web address of the site on which you want to place our reproduced content: a.k.a. your website

Submitting Links and/or Resources to AE

You can recommend a favorite site or resource electronically in the Resource Center.

Technical Questions and Problems

Click on an item from the list below to address your technical question or problem regarding the AE site:

My filtering software denies access to AE

Some filtering software used by school districts denies access to our site because of our name. If this is the case, you should be able to access the site by using our numerical address:

Teacher's Lounge Discussions Login Problems

If you can't seem to login to the Teacher's Lounge Discussions, try clicking on "guest". Guest access allows you to view, and post to, all discussions. It also ensures that the e-mail address you submit, when you post a message, is always current. This is not so, for registered users. If you are still having trouble, or if you are involved in an AE project and would like to start a new discussion in the Teacher's Lounge Discussions, send e-mail here.

Slow Access Times

Unfortunately, long waits are common when browsing web pages. To combat this, AE uses one of the fastest UNIX workstations on the market to serve its pages. AE's host is located at one of AboveNet's facilities. Despite this, the speed lags persist.

Since internet traffic congestion, like auto traffic congestion, has become a fact of life, we recommend doing what you normally do with traffic: avoid it. Generally, our busiest times follow the commute hours in our area: late morning and early evening, Pacific time.

If you have connection problems for extended periods, outside of these general time ranges, send e-mail here. When you do contact us, please include the details of your connection to the internet: type of computer, amount of RAM, modem speed, and internet service provider.

Other Technical Questions

If you have other technical questions or problems to report, send e-mail here.

Send a Message to Biology Teachers

The best way to contact other Biology teachers on this site is to post a message in the Teacher's Lounge Discussions.

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