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In setting up the stations around the room, you may choose to present a "contrasting" food at some of the stations. This food would be one that was produced without any biotechnology application. For example, at station one, you could present matzo along- side the leavened bread as a comparison of the changes which can be attributed to the biotechnology application.


Teacher sets up stations around the classroom prior to the beginning of class. Each station will depict a specific time period through a food representing the biotechnology applications of that time period. The five time periods to be represented are:

  • B.C.
  • 1 A.D.–1900 A.D.
  • 1900 A.D.–1970 A.D.
  • 1970 A.D.–1996 A.D.
  • Future

The individual time period stations should be set up as follows:

  • food sample of the time period, enough for each student to sample the food. For example, B.C. time period would have a plate of leavened bread slices.
  • any appropriate cup, plate, or utensil needed to sample the food.
  • informational 3 x 5 card: Each time period station has a 3 x 5 information card which discusses the link between food and biotechnology for that time period.
  • Student Questions on a 3 x 5 card: Each time period station has a 3 x 5 card which has several questions for students to answer.

When the students enter the classroom, they will be:

  • given a brief introduction to the activity,
  • divided into five groups (group size dependent on class size),
  • provided with the student answer sheet to fill in as they travel through the stations.

Each group will begin at a different station. The group will sample the food, read about the associated food/biotechnology link and answer the student questions. Students should have approximately five to ten minutes at each station. Teacher should announce when it is time to switch stations. Groups should move in a sequential direction so that all groups get to all five stations within the class period.

Class Discussion:

At the next class period, the teacher asks each group to present to the class the answers to the questions from a specific time period.

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