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Take One Snail And Call Me In The Morning...continued

A fracture goes bad 

A shoulder is one of the body’s ball-and-socket joints. When my left shoulder met the ice, at speed, the ball broke, and half of it went for a vacation somewhere on the way to my neck. Surgeons pinned the ball back together again, and soon I was healing nicely.

But three months later I started to get a heavy feeling in my forearm after exercise. Pretty soon the feeling was there all the time. I felt like a small truck had taken up permanent residence on my arm.

Scar tissue may have clamped around a nerve or two, or perhaps my muscles were re-establishing themselves in a slightly different way, with the new arrangement pressing down on nerves.

Either way, the damage was in or near the shoulder, but it was surfacing in my arm. It’s hard to remember now what that felt like, and how it monopolized my thoughts. I do know that I was willing to do anything to make it go away. Over the next three years there was acupuncture, physical therapy, hypnotherapy, pills, injected drugs, more pills, outpatient procedures, inpatient procedures, and surgery.


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