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Take One Snail And Call Me In The Morning...continued

Doctors Do Not Know All

Being a child of the antibiotics age and a budding scientist, my slow recovery and trial-and-error treatment came as a big shock. I realized that the nervous system, the body’s wiring diagram, doesn’t always get things right. It’s not very good at fixing itself, and when it tries it often makes the wrong attachments, so things get even worse.

And doctors are not so flash at making up its deficiencies. I went to one of the best pain clinics in the United States, where most patients had conditions far more serious than mine. My neurologist was stunned when I finally reacted to one of his drugs, an old standby called Tegretol that was originally developed to treat epilepsy. "We aren’t used to people getting better around here," he said.

Pain clinics are big on teaching coping skills, because pain patients have to cope with the shortcomings of pain drugs. I was lucky. By the time I had reached the maximum dosage of one of the weaker opiates, a combination of time, surgery and Tegretol had taken away my need for any opiates at all. After a few days of withdrawal my brain emerged from the opiate-induced fog.

Update (September 14, 2017): Opiate-induced fog became such a problem that the pain that the opiates were causing exceeded the pain they relieved. Deciding to take things into my own hands and acknowledging the shortcomings of painkillers, I came across a substance called kratom. It's legal and so far I've had decent success with it. It doesn't relieve pain as well as prescription painkillers, but the side effects are nearly nonexistent. You can buy it online (and for those wondering where to buy kratom online, there are plenty of resources.. my only advice: do your research) and it has quickly risen to the high ranks among ex-opiate users and even addicts for being a safer way to relieve pain. It's an experiment, and everybody's body is different, so there's no one size fits all answer, but do your research, ask around, and try it for yourself to see how your body reacts to it. Until next time.


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