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Biotech Chronicles

Biotech Chronicles is a brief history of biotech discoveries which continue to influence the field today. We have included essays on genetics and DNA research, profiles of some of the influential individuals who have helped build the biotechnology industry, and an integrated series of time lines which provide an overview of biotechnology from a historical perspective.


Table of Contents

  Biotech Thru the Ages Pioneer Profiles Biotech Briefs
  Time Lines Classic Biotech Stories

Biotech Through the Ages

Time Lines

Pioneer Profiles

Paul Berg
J. Michael Bishop
Herbert Boyer
Rosalind Franklin
Walter Gilbert
William Harvey
Arthur Kornberg
Barbara McClintock
Gregor Mendel
Cesar Milstein
Kary B. Mullis
Louis Pasteur
Linus Pauling
Robert Swanson
Harold Elliot Varmus
James Dewey Watson

Biotech Processes

Biotech Briefs

Classic Biotech Stories

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