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With many of the biotech innovations, complex social issues have evolved in tandem. These issues reflect the complicated nature of the relationship between individuals and society. Decisions which seem to be largely one of personal ethics can be strongly influenced by the distribution of limited resources, a societal issue. Bioethics and economics are different ways of thinking about how to make choices. They are mostly about setting priorities, which may affect a few individuals or an entire social group or society.

Social Practices and Policies: Issues Connecting You to Society

An Approach to Teaching Ethical Decision Making in Medicine and Life Sciences
Biotechnology's Impact on Society
Challenges to Public Policy
Democratizing Technology
The Genetic Revolution: Ethical Issues
Genetic Testing - Health Care Issues
NIH Publishes Revised Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules
Rio Declaration On Environment and Development
Scientist Returns Research Grant to Show Concern about Dangers of Genetically Engineered Organisms
Talking and Teaching Biotech
To Regulate or Not to Regulate
Risky Business: Issues in Teaching about Safety and Regulation
Some Questions and Answers about BGH/BST
Wholesome, Holistic and Holy: Controversies over Biotechnology and Food
Musings On Cattle Cloning

DNA on the Witness Stand Eric S. Lander, DPhil. The issues concerning the use of genetic evidence in civil and criminal court cases from Winding Your Way Through DNA Symposium

Bioethics and You: Issues of individual decision making

Why Teach Bioethics in the Classroom
Promise and Perils of Biotechnology: Genetic Testing (teacher resources & student activities)
Genetic Testing in a Clinical Setting

The Gene Connection™ Second Annual Bioethics Symposium and Workshop presented by the San Mateo County Biotechnology Education Partnership, features discussions and case studies on ethical and social issues arising from genetic testing, gene therapy, genetic enhancement, cloning, and genetic counseling.

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