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Issues and Bioethics

Issues focuses on scientific breakthroughs that have propelled biotechnololgy at a dizzying pace into the 21st century. Evolving in tandem with biotech innovations, ethics looks at complex decisions that affect a few individuals or an entire social group or society.


Table of Contents

  Overview Social Practices & Policies
  Animal Genome Projects Bioethics & You
  Plant Genome Projects



Animal Genome Projects

Plant Genome Projects

Environmental Management

Gene Therapy


Social Practices and Policies: Connecting You to Society

Bioethics and You: Issues of Individual Decision Making

The Gene Connection™ Second Annual Bioethics Symposium and Workshop presented by the San Mateo County Biotechnology Education Partnership, features discussions and case studies on ethical and social issues arising from genetic testing, gene therapy, genetic enhancement, cloning, and genetic counseling.

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