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In the fall of 1992, the University of California San Francisco with the San Francisco Exploratorium presented a program for the public on the recombinant DNA revolution in Biology, Winding Your Way Through DNA. Under the leadership of Dr. Harold Varmus, this highly successful symposium was attended by 1,200 people and sold out within five days. Because more than 5,000 additional people wanted to attend, the event was televised and an estimated 4,000 were able to view the program via satellite at 27 or more sites throughout the country.

The symposium has received recognition in the form of three national awards that attest to its quality and popular appeal. These include awards from the Council for the Advancement and Support for Education (CASE) for a special event and a special event publications package, and an Award of Excellence from the Association of American Medical Colleges/Group on Institutional Advancement (AAMC/GIA) for a special project.

The symposium is available on videotape through Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. To date more than 650 of the six-volume sets have sold in the U.S. and 11 foreign countries. The royalites of these sales are being used to support, in part, a related project of the same name. Access Excellence is pleased to present these exceptional talks in collaboration with the University of California San Francisco:

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