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The two intermediate mutants that I showed you are of the following types: one type at every position on the cob made two spikes, a kernel at each spike. The other made two kernels per spike. And then, when these two are crossed, you get a recombinant which has now two spikes instead of the one, and two kernels in each one of those spikes. So, for every plant you've got four times as many seeds as you did from teosinte so that is the first recombinant, genetically engineered recombinant, all done by the Native Americans, fourfold yield.

You can imagined what happened. Somebody comes home for dinner, not much on the plate. And the husband says, "I'm hungry. But Joe is eating well". They look over at his field, four for every one. It didn't take long before the four-kernel corn took over in Central America. Now that is a true recombinant in the sense that there is a gene on chromosome 2 of corn which leads to duplication of the number of kernels per spike and another gene which leads to two spikes per row. The recombinant actually has chromosomes that contain both of these "mutant" genes.

Knowing that, I find the image on the left somewhat strange. When I first saw it I thought..."No DNA?". Does this mean that plants have no DNA? I have been told and read that, fifteen hundred chefs have now agreed to put this on their menus to indicate that they do not serve genetically-engineered food.

These are going to be very bare menus. No corn.....no rice.....no bread.....no beef. Of course, they will serve recombinant corn because it's the only corn we have.

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