On Becoming a Scientist
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On Becoming a Scientist

Life of a Scientist Projects

  1. Depicting the Life of a Scientist
  2. Making Discoveries
  3. Sharing Information
  4. Identifying Solutions
  5. Perceiving Stereotypes
  6. Changing Opportunities
  7. Applying Science

Science Career Projects

  1. Investigating Careers
  2. Investigating Jobs
  3. Identifying Opportunities
  4. Choosing a Field
  5. Interviewing Scientist
  6. Understanding the Team
  7. Working Outside the Lab

Thinking Like a Scientist Activities

  1. Why Ask Why?
  2. Under Observation
  3. Order from Disorder
  4. Seeking Solutions
  5. Just the Facts
  6. Let's Get Together

Thinking Like a Scientist Handouts

1:   Human Chromosomes
2:   Seeking Solutions Scenarios
3A:   DNA and Restriction Enzyme Scenario
3B:   Plasmid and Bacteria Scenario
4A:   DNA and Enzyme Patterns
4B:   Plasmid and Enzyme Patterns


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