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Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Not So Wild a Dream. Chevy Chase, MD: Howard Hughes Medical Institute. (Free copies available from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.) Minority scientists talk about how they chose scientific careers and the paths they took to achieve them. (1-4)

Mastervision, Inc. Building Blocks of Life. New York, NY: Mastervision, Inc. Examines the booming science and industry of genetics and how the "building blocks of life" have become the basis of genetic engineering. (2,3)

University of California San Francisco. Winding your way through DNA Symposium. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1992. Designed to educate the public and to encourage a dialogue about the scientific possibilities and social puzzles of recombinant DNA technology. This unique adventure in public education brought together some of the major figures in the development of the science and technology. (1-4) Contact Pyramid Media directly for broadcast rights.

University of California San Francisco. Winding your way through DNA: Stories from the Scientists. Pyramid Media, 1994. This documentary tells the story of two partnerships in biology--between Francis Crick and James Watson, who discovered the structure of DNA, and between Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen, who pioneered the recombinant DNA techniques that revolutionized modern science. This 30-minute videotape weaves together interviews, animation, re-enactments, and historical footage to illustrate the participant's scientific achievements, personalities, and individual struggles with the challenge of discovery. (1-4) Contact Pyramid Media directly for broadcast rights.

University of California San Francisco.Winding your way through DNA: The Promise & Perils of Biotechnology: Genetic Testing. Pyramid Media, 1996. Biotechnology has many wonderful applications in medicine--testing for genetic disorders, curing and preventing disease--at the same time it raises ethical, legal and social issues. This moving documentary profiles a young woman being tested for Huntington Disease and a family treated for Familial Hyper-cholesterolemia, providing a framework for the discussion of these issues. It also explores the impact these inherited disorders will have on their lives. (1-4) Contact Pyramid Media directly for broadcast rights.

WGBH. Discovering Women. Boston, MA: WGBH, 1995. This six-part series presents the professional and personal stories of six notable women scientists, and confronts issues such as stereotypes, gender inequality, and the challenges of balancing a career and family. (1-4)

WGBH. The Making of a Doctor, Part 2. Boston, MA: WGBH, 1993. This two-hour video examines the lives of seven doctors as they work their way through medical school, internships, and residencies. (1-4)

WGBH. The Secret of Life. Boston, MA: WGBH, 1993. This eight-part series gives an in-depth look at the scientific revolution involving DNA and its impact on our daily lives. (1-4)

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