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British Broadcasting Corporation. Race for the Double Helix. London, England: BBC, Horizon Series, 1974. A popular reenactment of Watson's and Crick's discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule. (1- 3)

Mastervision, Inc. Building Blocks of Life. New York, NY: Mastervision, Inc. Examines the booming science and industry of genetics and how the "building blocks of life" have become the basis of genetic engineering. (2,3)

Stanford Alumni Association. The Human Genome Project: A Stanford Centennial Symposium. Stanford, CA: Stanford Alumni Association, Stanford University, 1991. Eight-part videotape of symposium proceedings. (1, 3)

University of California San Francisco. Winding Your Way Through DNA Symposium. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1992. Designed to educate the public and to encourage a dialogue about the scientific possibilities and social puzzles of recombinant DNA technology. This unique adventure in public education brought together some of the major figures in the development of the science and technology. (1-4)

WGBH. The Secret of Life. Boston, MA: WGBH. 1993. This eight-part series gives an in-depth look at the secrets of life. (1-4)

WINGS for Learning/Sunburst Communications. Life Story. Scotts Valley, CA: WINGS for Learning/Sunburst Communications. Reenactment of Watson's and Crick's discovery. (2, 3)


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