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The Career Profiles video clips are designed to be as compact as is technically possible without a lot of proprietary software. Nevertheless, some files are still large. If the video files are taking too long to download or are not working, you might check the information below to see if your system is configured to receive them. However, please note that these clips are purely supplemental. The full text from each video clip is presented in each profile.

The Career Profiles video clips are in "QuickTime" format. This format is built into the Macintosh operating system so no configuration should be necessary if you are using Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or later, on a Mac. The Windows95 operating system can easily be extended to support QuickTime format. You can click here to download the free software necessary. Once QuickTime is added to the Windows95 operating system, no further configuration should be necessary. Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or later should play the video clips without any additional video utility.

When the video does work be sure to click on your browser's "back" button to return from the video clip to the interview page. You can also click on your browser's "go" menu to retrace your steps.

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