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"Science in the News" Websites

  • Access Excellence Science Updates
    Weekly reports by our Science Editor, Sean Henahan, on the science behind the news for all topics in biology.

  • Watching Science
    Monthly listings of science news sources available on the Web, on television and on the radio.

  • American Scientist Magazine
    An illustrated bimonthly magazine about science and technology, including reports on work in fields that range from molecular biology to computer engineering.

  • Cool Net Surfing Spots
    Web sites selected by AE What's News Editor Sean Henahan

  • Cornell's Science and Technology Magazine
    Cornell's undergraduate magazine of science and technology. The SciTech features new ideas, breakthroughs, controversies and people in the worlds of science and engineering.

  • Discover Magazine
    Check out selected articles from each month's Discover Magazine, Educator's Guides including activities and an Ask a Scientist section.

  • The Discovery Channel
    Information behind the programs offered on the Discovery Channel.

  • EurekAlert!
    A comprehensive news server for up-to-date research in science, medicine, and technology. Whether you're interested in cancer treatments, gene mapping, global warming, or space probes, you will find the latest advances. Updated daily.

  • Horizon
    An electronic version of the monthly education section in the Washington Post. Each month it offers several features with links to external sites and past related articles and brain-teasing puzzles. Be sure not to miss Stephen J. Gould's article "Planet of the Bacteria".

    InScight: Daily Science News
    A joint project of Science Magazine and Academic Press to deliver daily news stories from the world of scientific research to your computer screen.

  • Microbes in the News
    Wondering which microbes are making news these days...from the heroic...to ancient...to dangerous...and strange? Links to reports from a variety of sources are available at this site housed at Michigan State University.

  • National Geographic
    National Geographic's website features photographs, stories behind the photographs, forums and interactive features. In addition, there is a special section just for educators

  • Nature Magazine's Science Update
    News and features on the latest developments in scientific research tailored to the general reader. Articles are updated weekly.

  • The Philalephia Inquirer's "Science and Health" Section
    Each Monday, The Philadelphia Inquirer publishes a section devoted to covering current topics in science and medicine. The Franklin Institute Science Museum offers enhanced re-prints of feature stories from that section. Background information, teacher resources, multimedia, and interactivity are added to the articles, providing a continually changing source of science news for classroom use.

  • Science Magazine
    Wouldn't it be great if the full text and graphics of Science magazine were only a click away? Your wish has come true! Drop by the Science home page for all the latest research news and comment.

  • Scientific American
    This prestigious magazine has joined the web! Many articles contain links to related information and further reading. Be sure to check out the "Ask the Experts" section!

  • Scientific American Frontiers
    A web-companion to the PBS television series, this site offers teaching resources for teachers and students.

  • The WHY Files: The Science Behind the News
    The Why Files, a project of the National Institute for Science Education, is an electronic exploration of the science behind the news. Twice a month, a new feature on the science (and math, engineering, and technology) of everyday life is available -- from outer space to cellular biology, from dinosaurs and dragon lizards to the statistics of political polling.

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