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Graphics Gallery

Graphics Gallery is a series of labeled diagrams with explanations representing the important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated.


Table of Contents

  From Gene to Function Biological Engineering Cell Processes
  Building Blocks  
  Chromosomes and Cell Division  

From Gene to Function

The major actors of molecular biology: the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA.
How they carry and transfer genetic information from one cell generation to the next and translate this coded information into active proteins.

Building Blocks

From atoms to molecules and cells to tissues, a study of structure and function.




Chromosomes and Cell Division

Eucaryotic cell duplication: how chromosomes and genes transmit the information from one mother cell to subsequent generations.

Biological Engineering

From the existing techniques of DNA cloning to gene therapy: understanding the present and a look at the future of genetic engineering.


From Mendel to hemophilia: introduction to the major principles of heredity. biological inheritance influences what and who we are.


Genetic messengers surrounded by a protein coat.

Cell Processes

Cells and how they operate




Specialized Processes:


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