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Examples of Viral Replication Pathways

Examples of Viral Replication Pathways

The lytic and the lysogenic pathways of viral replication are illustrated.

Figure Legend:

Lytic Pathway:
In lysis, the host cell's membrane is damaged and the cytoplasm is able to leak out. The cell dies rapidly, releasing virus particles.

Lysogenic Pathway:
The lysogenic path is one of several temperate pathways in which the host cell is not killed outright, but is occupied by the virus and used as a factory for replicating the viral genes. The viral infection enters a latent period during this process.

In the illustrated instance, genetic recombination occurs: The viral enzme cuts the host chromosome and integrates viral genes into it. When the recombinant DNA is replicated, it passes the viral DNA onto all of its descendents. If the viral genes later undergo lysis and leave the cell, a new cycle of infection will begin.

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