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About The Living Skeleton

To be and not to be:

  • The Living Skeleton is provided for educational purposes only. The images are designed to be used with a computer projection system and for individualized computer-aided instruction.
  • Questions about medical conditions or symptoms, which appear related to any opinions, comments or facts presented by either captions or images, should be referred to a physician.
  • We have used resources believed to be reliable in an effort to provide information that is complete and in general accord with the standards accepted at the time of online publication.
  • Medical knowledge changes rapidly. In view of the possibility of human error or changes in medical science, the authors or any other parties who have been involved in the preparation of the Living Skeleton can not warrant that the information contained herein is in every respect accurate or complete. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other sources.

Navigating around the Living Skeleton is straightforward:

  • There are eight sections that represent different areas of the human body; one section, the Skull, is under construction. Use your mouse to "click" on the name of any section and go to a gallery of image thumbnails and text describing each image.
  • All thumbnails are linked to larger images with text about the image.
  • Each image is presented in two forms, labeled and unlabeled, which can be used for instruction and assessment.

Copyright Information:

  • Please review the Access Excellence at the National Health Museum Copyright Notice for information regarding text.
  • All images and graphics in The Living Skeleton are the property of John Csongradi, M.D. Images are made available on the World Wide Web for non-commercial, educational use for teachers and students. The copying or redistribution of these images and text in any manner for personal or corporate gain is prohibited. Changes or alterations in text or images is prohibited.
  • Date of publication: March 2001

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