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Botany Websites

  • The BOTList: Links to Ethnobotany Sites on the Web
    From the scholarly to the psychedelic, here is a hotlist of links to ethnobotany sites all over the world created by AE Science Editor, Sean Henahan and '95 Fellow, Marlys McCurdy's AP Bio Class. (Updated 4 November 2008).

  • Bryophytes provides information on the classification, structural features, natural history, ecology and evolutionary relationships of mosses,liverworts and hornworts.

  • The Ethnbotany Resource Directory
    The WWW Ethnobotany Resource Directory is a collection of more than 85 ethnobotanical links which are divided into 11 subjects. The purpose of this site is to unify global information regarding ethnobotanical research and documentation on the Internet through the World Wide Web.

  • Ethnobotany
    Background information and student activities related to ethnobotany, the study of how people of a particular culture and region make of use of indigenous plants.

  • Into the World of Lichens
    This background article on lichens contains links to lichen image collections, information about lichen reproduction and growth, and the role of lichens in cultivated and natural ecosystems.

  • The Internet Directory of Botany
    This index to botanical information available on the Internet contains the combined efforts of botanists from the United States, Finland and Canada. It consists of two parts, an alphabetical directory and a categorical directory.

  • Lichenland
    Lichen biology, practical uses, diagrams and photos. The material is presented at two levels: "for novitiates" and "for professionals".

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens
    The Missouri Botanical Garden operates the world's most active research program in tropical botany.

  • Links for Palaeobotanists
    A wide range of annotated links to internet resources of special interest to palaeobotanists.

  • Plants, People and the Environment
    Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign has developed a multipart lecture series called "Plant Biology 102" covering topics in evolution, biodiversity, and applied plant biology. The site contains Real Audio lectures and accompanying slides. Be sure not to miss their Virtual Cell demonstration.

  • Smithsonian Catalog of Botanical Illustrations
    The Department of Botany of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History has created a database of 500 botanical illustrations curated by the department's scientific illustrator, Alice Tangerini.

  • University of Michigan Herbarium
    Collections and Databases from the University of Michigan. Search for types of Algae, Bryophytes, Lichens, and Vascular Plants.

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Updated: 13 October 2009

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