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Genetics Websites

  • Blazing a Genetic Trail
    Now an updated, online, user-friendly version with its own glossary. Genetics is personalized in this online version of the popular publication from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. A source of inspiration and information.

  • Cell Division Construction Kit©: Mitosis and Meiosis
    Developed by Jon Glase of Cornell University, this interactive module can be used to simulate the various stages of mitosis, meiosis and a polyploidy condition for the cell.

  • Classic Papers in Genetics
    At this site, you can find original manuscripts of some of the most important papers in the history of genetics research. The papers are formatted in pdf format...so you will need to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the files.

  • Cytogenetics Gallery
    In the Gallery one can click on karyotypes of different constitutional abnormalities, acquired abnormalities and mice chromosomes. With each karyotype an explanation is given. Key words are highlighted and can be clicked on for further details. The site is linked to the University of Washington 's Pathology home page.

  • DNA Interactives
    An interactive Web site describing DNA and its structure and function, the scientific history of its discovery, and its development into a tool used in biology, technology, and medicine. The Human Genome Project, genetic engineering, and some of the implications and ethical issues surrounding genetic technology are included.

  • DNA Learning Center
    The award winning Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center has information at all levels from basic genetics to advanced bioinformatics. This site uses animations, quizzes, diagrams and more to explain genetics principles and their implications and applications.

  • Flybase
    A comprehensive database for information on the genetics and molecular biology of Drosophila.

  • GeneCards: genes, proteins and diseases
    A database integrating information about the functions of human genes and their products, and of biomedical applications based on this knowledge.

  • Genethics
    A comprehensive list of resources on many aspects of genetics and ethics. Includes sections on Genetics & the Law, News and Bulletins, Discussion groups and more.

  • GeneMap'99: A New Map of the Human Genome
    Walk from chromsome to chromosome to learn what genes have been identified by researchers worldwide. At each step you can learn more about the disease associated with each gene. To see how much has changed in short time, check out the 1996 version of this site.

  • Genetics Education Center
    This Web site is for educators with an interest in human genetics. It includes a comprehensive list of resources on many aspects of human genome studies, genetics and ethics.

  • The Genetics Education Network (GENE)
    "Dedicated to rescuing teachers and other students from terminal boredom by helping them do real science with modern research organisms."

  • Genetic Science Learning Center
    Recently expanded and reorganized, this web site includes sections on Basic Genetics, Genetic Disorders, Genetics in Society and Genetic Thematic Units. "You can find a number of low cost genetics activities and information on how to get equipment, notices of workshops, information on DNA, activities, etc." (Phil Talbot, '96 AE Fellow)

  • Genomics and Its Impact on Science and Society: The Human Genome Project and Beyond (2008)
    This primer covers basic science, the Human Genome Project, what we know so far, ELSI, medicine, benefits, future scientific challenges, and more. Earlier (2003, 2001, and 1992) primers are available in PDF format.

  • GNN's Genome Glossary
    The Genome News Network's glossary "decodes genomics jargon".; Links to related news articles from some of the terms are an interesting bonus.

  • Human Genome Project Information
    This site has information about the Human Genome Project (1990-2003), including Educational Resources, Fact Sheets, News, Publications, Ethical, Legal and Social Issues, and Current Research. Of special interest is the collection of landmark Human Genome Project papers and the timeline.

  • MendelWeb
    MendelWeb is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science.

  • How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs. Meiosis
    Compare mitosis and mitosis side-by-side as you click through the animated steps of these processes.

  • Microbial Genetics Problems Co-op
    It's late....and you need a a few more questions to add to the final exam you are developing for your genetics class. Sound familiar? Jump to this site to sample questions that other educators have used successfully in their classrooms.

  • The New Genetics
    This 90-page educational booklet from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) explains how genes influence health and disease, the basics of DNA and its molecular cousin RNA, and much more. The New Genetics also explains why studies of evolution drive medical research and how computers are advancing genetics in the 21st century. You can view online, download it, or request a free copy. Educators may request classroom sets or multiple copies for educational use.

  • The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
    This is an online version of the famous McKusick tomes that list all known human genes with the research, characteristics, etc. associated with those genes and genetic disorders. I use this for my students to do special projects on genetic disorders. Ultimately, the students create brochures on genetic disorders that can be distributed at a "health fair." (Judith Jones, '96 AE Fellow)

  • Scitable from Nature Education
    Scitable is free science library and personal learning tool portal featuring genetics, the study of evolution, variation, and the rich complexity of living organisms. Teachers can locate content and create classroom groups. Students have access to more than 200 overviews of key concepts.

  • Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
    The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) created the Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms to help people without scientific backgrounds understand the terms and concepts used in genetic research. Clicking on a term will open a page with the term's pronunciation, audio information, images and additional links to related terms.

  • Understanding Gene Testing
    One of a series of fourteen graphic-rich tutorials in the Understanding Cancer Series, Understanding Gene Testing illustrates what genes are, explains how mutations occur and are identified within genes, and discusses the benefits and limitations of gene testing for cancer and other disorders.

  • Your Genes, Your Choices
    "Your Genes, Your Choices" is an online book that presents hypothetical situations about genetics at the beginning of every chapter, then goes on to explain the science behind the issue. A great job of personalizing the issues so students see a reason to learn the science!

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Updated: 14 October 2009

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