This area is devoted to teams of teachers engaged in developing new teaching strategies for biology education. Become part of a collaborative effort as you exchange ideas with teachers who are participating in exciting and innovative collaborations, initiatives, science, and teacher enhancement programs.

Advanced Placement Biology
Here AP teachers can talk directly to each other through message boards, and can submit materials for each other to use.

Health Community
This message board is for individuals interested in discussing the teaching and learning of health concepts. Here you can share your successes and ask how others handle the special challenges related to helping students understand health and the science behind the health.

Middle School Community
This is a place to share successes, ask for help, give support, and discuss issues of mutual concern with your middle school colleagues. You can register to receive our monthly "Middle School News".

Teaching Communities and Organizations
This is a place where teachers with a project in common have a place for continuing online discussions. If your group could use a corner of our Teachers' Lounge, please contact us.

Biotech Education Programs and Partnerships
This roster of individuals and organizations working to implement the teaching of biotechnology has two purposes. First, to acknowledge the efforts of those who are working to bring state of the art science and technology to high school students. Second, to help groups connect with one another. Please contact us so we can arrange to have information about your program added to this roster.