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Electron Micrographs of Viruses

Contributed by Dr. Frederick A. Murphy, University of California, Davis

Ebola Virus

Legend: Electron micrograph of Ebola Zaire virus. This is the first photo ever taken,on 10/13/1976 by Dr. F.A. Murphy, now at UC Davis, then at CDC. Diagnostic specimen in cell culture at 160,000 x magnification.

Marburg Virus

Legend: Marburg virus pictured between two human liver cells at 75,000 x magnification. Electron micrograph courtesy of Dr. F.A. Murphy, UC Davis.

Rabies Virus

Legend: Electron micrograph of rabies virus in brain cells at 64,000 x magnification. The bullets surrounding the smooth gray circle are rabies. The circle itself is the Negri body, which can be seen with a light microscope. Courtesy of Dr. F.A. Murphy, UC Davis.

To learn more about viruses and to view more images, we suggest that you visit the following sites on the World Wide Web:

The Institute for Molecular Virology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Plant Virus Archive of the Plant Pathology Dept. at RES

Electron Micrographs of Animal Viruses from the Archive at Veterinary Sciences Division at The Queen's University of Belfast

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