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Science Updates Archive 13

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Ribosome Close-up - The first complete images of a ribosome in action should open new vistas in many fields of biological research, from studies of antibiotic resistance to those involving the origins of life. (9/25/99)

Learning from Hurricanes - As hurricane Floyd roared along the eastern coast of the US, biologists and engineers were ready, putting in place lessons learned from previous large scale storms and conducting new studies of Floyd and those that come after. (9/16/99)

Brain Booster - Adding a gene that encourages extra production of a common neurotransmitter appears to boost both the memory and learning ability of experimental animals. (9/02/99)

Knockout Kidney Disease - Researchers now have a better understanding of the cause of one of the most common forms of kidney disease as well as a potential cure, thanks to a mouse with a single missing gene. (8/30/99)

NO to Glaucoma - A new neuroprotective approach aimed at blocking the synthesis of nitric oxide may offer the hope of new treatments for glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in the world. (8/19/99)

Bacterial X-rays The first ever three dimensional images of the steps involved in bacterial infection provide clues to a whole new way to ward off infectious diseases. (8/13/99)

Air Apparent The discovery of bacterial fossil remnants more than two billions years old, and of a new form of carbon never before seen in nature, may both provide clues to the origins of life on our planet. (8/5/99)

What's That Smell? - A high resolution imaging technique developed by researchers at Duke University that visualizes the brain in the act of sensing odors could act as a 'Rosetta stone' for understanding olfactory processes, and the related processes of learning and memory. (7/25/99)

Healthy Proteins from the Evil Weed - A genetically modified version of the tobacco plant appears to offer the promise of a new method for manufacturing therapeutic proteins that is both cheaper and safer than current methods. (7/16/99)

PEDF- The Eyes Have It - The discovery of a protein in the human eye that inhibits the growth of new blood vessels could lead to the development of drugs to prevent common vision-stealing diseases. (7/9/99)

Evolution Revolution - The science of evolution has itself evolved beyond a general theory to an enhanced understanding of the synergistic processes of life on Earth and to a tool used in modern molecular medicine.Yet, there appears to be a widening chasm between public understanding of evolution and its application in the science world. (6/25/99)

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