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Science Updates Archive 14

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Fine-Feathered Find The discovery of a feather-covered dinosaur in Northern China raises questions not only about the origins of birds, but about the nature of dinosaurs themselves.(4/25/01)

Farmageddon: Foot and Mouth The epidemic is already beginning to cause significant social and economic hardship. Will the US be next? (3/25/01)

New Branch on Family TreeA 3.5 million year-old hominid skull recently discovered in Kenya could lead to a major rethink of mankind's earliest origins. (3/21/01)

Human Genome The historic publication of the human genome sequence in two leading science journals, Science and Nature, on Charles Darwin's birthday, offers a new and improved road map of the genetic structure of Homo Sapiens. (2/12/01)

Burger Bug With the genome sequence of a killer bacteria now known, researchers expect to learn much more about the pathogenesis and prevention of food-bournedisease. (1/25/01)

Magic Mushrooms A interesting collection of toxic chemicals isolated from poisonous toadstools appear to have potent tumor killing abilities, even against those resistant to standard chemotherapy.

Nobel Brain Power Three neuroscientists will share this year's Nobel Prize for medicine for their pioneering studies of neurotransmitters, research that led the way to a better understanding of neurological diseases and the developments of treatments for Parkinson's disease and depression. (10/10/00)

Lying Eyes New research presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology suggests we often miss obvious facial clues that might help distinguish fact from fiction. . (5/5/00)

Tasteful Research The identification of genes associated with the bitter element of the sense of taste could lead to everything from better tasting medicines to better, safer pesticides. (4/5/00)

Reversing Dumbification A Cornell researcher, noting an alarming trend toward 'dumbing down' of textbooks, proposes a new strategy . (2/24/00)

Genomic Strategies Researchers are developing new strategies to more quickly identify those genes and gene products from Human Genome Project data that may have therapeutic potential. (2/19/00)

Putting Prions to Work Prions, the villainous protein-like particles associated with BSE, also known as "Mad Cow Disease", and its human counterpart, Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD), now appear to offer promise as a valuable tool for molecular biological research. (1/28/00)

Genetic Minimalism The discovery of the minimum numbers of genes required to produce a living organism will make it possible for scientiists to create new life forms from scratch, a prospect likely to spur considerable ethical debate. (12/10/99)

Chromosome 22 As this century draws to a close, the first complete sequencing of a human chromosome is likely to be a gift to researchers that will keep on giving well into the next. (12/1/99)

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