About Access Excellence

Larry Lack
San Rafael High School
San Rafael, CA

My Activity

At our HS we've developed a 3-year integrated science curriculum incorporating all that was formerly covered in Bio, Chem, and Physics. After 5 years, this "seamless" approach to teaching science, with tracks for Honors, College Prep, General, and ESL, seems to be working extremely well. We've developed a rather comprehensive Biotech block which has been worked into Genetics, Evolution, population, etc. Part of my self-appointed task has been to develop several Mini-lessons about the nature of DNA, electrophoresis, methylation, etc. to use "while the gel is running". Besides working as an Educational Consultant for several districts and colleges, I coach a group of Triathletes at our Marin YMCA, do as much fly fishing as I can squeeze in, and am an archery buff.

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