About Access Excellence

Michael Demchik
Jefferson High School
Shenandoah Junction, WV

My Activity

I am Dr.Michael J.Demchik former advanced sciences teacher now retired but known as Mike to friends and colleagues. Currently, I am expanding on some things that I really did in a limited way when I was teaching or administrating. I am writing and sharing those things that were successful for me as a teacher. In my forty-two years in education, I did an awful lot of things and I am trying to write about them. My wife and son and I are collaborating on writing a book which is complete in first draft form. I am also doing things I like to do such as work on my truck, cook, read some books that I started and didn't finish, spend more time with my wife who is still teaching, communicate with the grandkids,and much more but since I already passed the one hundred words I better stop.

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