About Access Excellence

Richard Benz
Wickliffe High School
Wickliffe, OH

My Activity

I have been teaching biology for 29 years at Wickliffe High School. My particular biological interests include molecular biology especially enzyme control of cellular functions and the role that DNA plays in evolutionary changes (sounds good huh!). My advanced training is in environmental biology as well as DNA /molecular biology. I am the 1990 Presidential Awardee in Science from Ohio, a Tandy Scholar, a Disney teacher, a Milken Educator, the 1996 OBTA from Ohio, an Ashland Educator, a 1994 Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and 1994 AE Fellow. I have visited and led teachers to the Galapagos Islands. I recently wrote and published a book for NSTA Press called Ecology and Evolution: Islands of Change. It is an activity book about the Galapagos Islands. I also have been a fairly successful grantwriter.

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