About Access Excellence

Jim Hashimoto
Franklin High School
Portland, OR

My Activity

I have been teaching for 5 years at Franklin High School. I received my B.S. in Biology from Western Oregon State College in 1991 and am currently working on my M.S.T. at Portland State University. My areas of scientific interest include animal physiology, aquatic invertebrates, botany, and natural resource conservation. I am a member of NSTA, OSTA, NABT, and The Nature Conservancy. I have been involved in several research and professional development activities. Other activities include the ISMTE Project, 1991-1993; DOE TRAC program, Richland, WA in 1993; Green City Data Project, 1994; & Access Excellence Program, San Francisco, CA in 1995. I enjoy mountain climbing, hiking, biking, computers, and dog sledding.

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