Dr. Sullivan, NHM Chairman

NHM Chairman Louis Sullivan Marks World AIDS Day
in Africa With US-led Delegation

Daily Updates About Trip by US-led Delegation

Worldwide Statistics

  • People newly infected with HIV in 2001: 5 million
  • AIDS deaths in 2001: 3 million...that's over 8,000 deaths per day
  • Daily AIDS deaths in South Africa in 2003: > 600 deaths per day
  • Estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2002: 42 million
  • Total of AIDS deaths at the end of 2000: > 22 million 
  • Total number of AIDS orphans by end of 2001: > 14 million (11 million in Sub-Saharan Africa)
    Source: Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

World AIDS Day, founded by the World Health Organization in 1988, focuses global attention on the HIV/AIDS pandemic. At the United Nations General Assembly in June 2001, the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was adopted.� For more information about HIV/AIDS, we suggest the following resources:

AIDS / HIV Teaching and Learning Resources from Access Excellence
Featured are ten, teacher-developed activities to help students learn about HIV/AIDS.

An interactive quiz produced by UNICEF to educate young people about HIV/AIDS

What is AIDS? From KidsHealth.
Explains what the disease is, what causes it, how people get it, and how to avoid it.

NOVA Online: Surviving AIDS: From PBS.

Interactive activities show how the human immune system works, while QuickTime video clips trace the progression of the AIDS virus. Also looks at the worldwide impact of the disease, as well as the researchers who are searching for a cure.

UNAIDS: The Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS

Includes information on World Aids Day 2003, World AIDS Campaign 2002-2003 UNAIDS Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic, UNAIDS Ambassadors, HIV/AIDS and human rights, HIV/AIDS and security, Young people and HIV/AIDS, UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention
Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Provides information on basic science, prevention and vaccine research, prevention tools, current testing and treatments, current statistics, brochures, fact sheets and FAQs, including a section on hoaxes and rumors.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Includes an overview, information on the principles, NGO's and Civil Society, Private Sector, Contributions, FAQs, and a newsletter. Also covers the issues of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria.

National Institutes of Health: World AIDS Day

Provides information on the diverse array of HIV/AIDS research activities being sponsored by NIH.

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Includes information on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the need for a vaccine, vaccine science, iavi research, AIDS vaccine news.

Stop Global AIDS

Provides information vital to the campaign against global AIDS, facts, success stories, a calendar of events, and press releases.

International AIDS Trust

Includes information on a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on HIV/AIDS.

Health Action AIDS: A Physicians for Human Rights Project in coordination with Partners in Health Global AIDS Action Quilt Campaign for Health Professionals

PHR is organizing an AIDS advocacy quilt to create a symbolic visual display of health professionals' call to action.

National AIDS Trust 2003: World AIDS Day

Search this site for World AIDS Day events in your locale.

Global Health Council

Maintains a Council News archive of AIDS stories dating back to April 1, 1999 and has links to 117 other resources for HIV/AIDS.

AIDS / HIV News Features from the Access Excellence Archives
An archive of HIV/AIDS stories dating back to December, 1994.