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The Mystery Spot
Interactive, online scientific mysteries developed by Access Excellence for classroom use. The mysteries encourage student problem-solving and inquiry.

Classic Collection
Papers and activities that examine the people and events that have changed the face of scientific knowledge.

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Favorite high school biology classroom activities developed by Access Excellence Fellows.

Innovative, successful teaching strategies and activities to help students learn scientific concepts and processes. Please note: Activities-to-Go is searched ONLY by using the search feature found on the ATG home page.

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  Partners' Collection  Featured Partner:
    RX for Child Survivial

Rx for Survival - A Global Challenge is a groundbreaking multimedia project anchored by a six-hour PBS television series airing November 1-3, 2005. Appropriate for Grades 7-12 social studies, science, and health classes, the teaching resources include games, debates, experiments, pre- and post-viewing questions, procedures, student sheets, discussion questions, assessments, and resources. You can do one, some, or all of the activities in any order, and they can be completed with or without watching the programs.