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December 2004

NHM Health Focus: World AIDS Day 2004

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World AIDS Day Initiatives:
December 1 is World AIDS Day (OMHRC)

UNAIDS (United Nations)
National AIDS Trust (United Kingdom)
World AIDS Day (United Kingdom)
2004 World AIDS Day Website (Australia)

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December 1 is World AIDS Day (OMHRC)
MedlinePlus: AIDS
World Health Organization: HIV Infections
CDC National Prevention Information Network

AIDS Education Global Information System
HIV / AIDS Theme Page

Fact Sheets and Articles
HIV Infection in Women (NIAID)
HIV and AIDS (KidsHealth)
HIV / AIDS Workplace Education (CDC)
HIV Infection and AIDS: An Overview (NIAID)

The World AIDS Campaign 2004 focuses on the many issues affecting women and girls at risk for HIV and AIDS and culminates with World AIDS Day, December 1.

Studies show that, young women and girls can be 2.5 times more likely to be HIV-infected than their male counterparts.

UNAIDS lists inadequate knowledge about AIDS, insufficient access to HIV prevention services, inability to negotiate safer sex, and a lack of female-controlled HIV prevention methods, such as microbicides as the primary reasons for this difference.

The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS is a new initiative to facilitate collaboration of individuals, organizations and networks as they work to improve in the lives of women and girls.

In Their Own Word: NIH Workers Recall the Early Years of AIDS provides an historical perspective as National Institutes of Health team members tell how they first encountered, identified, and mobilized efforts to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. The timeline begins in 1981.

For an introduction to the science of HIV and AIDS, check out HIV Infection and AIDS: An Overview from (NIAID) or The Basic Science of HIV and AIDS from (DHAP). For a more technical resource, see the Natural Science of AIDS, posted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). This posting includes articles about the biology of HIV infection and treatment, and articles describing clinical laboratory methods.

HIV and AIDS in the classroom

Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum has these resources related to AIDS and immunity.

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