The Scientific Basis of Nutrition
Are We Really What We Eat?

How To Participate

1. Click on "Message from the Instructor" in order to meet Dr. Paul Saltman and read his welcome. There will be a "Meet the Participants" file posted during week two of the course...details to follow (see Week 1-2 bulletin board)!

2. Click on "Lecture Notes, Weeks 1-2" (or click on the notes appropriate to your progress through the class.) At the top of the page, you will see the reading assignment for this time period. Complete the reading, and read through the "Lecture Notes," a compilation of some of the main points contained in your readings. You will want to add to, and modify a copy of these notes to meet your own needs.

3. Click on "Join the Classroom Discussion" located at the bottom of each set of lecture notes. This will take you directly into the online classroom discussion area. You will be asked to enter a password which has been provided to you via email. The classroom discussion area is composed of a series of conferences. Click on the one with which you wish to interact. You can create your own topic by clicking on "Create a New Topic in this Conference". You will see a series of topics. Click on the one that interests you. You can respond to a topic by clicking on "Contribute a Message to this Topic." Make sure to use the return key at the end of each line that you type. Dr. Saltman will be participating in bulletin board discussions. The bulletin boards will also contain information about assignments, readings from the New York Times and other publications, notices etc.

4. You may send a message via email directly to Dr. Saltman. Please remember, though, if you have a question about course content, changes are excellent that someone else has the same question! Please consider posting your questions and comments on the bulletin board so that they are available to the entire class. Note: you may only email the instructor if you are enrolled in this course.

5. Your open book final exam will be posted online on 18 December 1995. The completed exam will be due on or before 8 January, 1996. You may send your exam to Dr. Saltman via email.

6. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of California, San Diego Program for Teacher Enhancement in Science and Technology. You will also receive 2 Semester Units (equal to 3 quarter units) of UCSD Extension Credit. You will receive information on how to obtain an official UCSD Extension transcript at the close of the course.

7. Please contact Pam Peters ( if you have any questions about how to participate in this course.

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