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Introduction to SciTalk

Welcome to SciTalk! Interested teachers and science experts are invited to share ideas and to participate in discussions of interest as they appear here. We hope that you will treat this as your meeting place to discuss specific content areas as they are announced. Please browse through How to Participate. Learn about the latest SciTalk by clicking on the Background Paper to learn about the latest SciTalk. We look forward to your comments and questions on the message board.

For information about, and/or to register for any of the SciTalk participant levels, simply click on the appropriate category. You are invited to contribute to this meeting place as a Participant, as a Host for a Presenter, to Volunteer as a Presenter, or to Request a SciTalk Topic.

We value your comments but ask that you take care to be brief, to be accurate and to enjoy the openness of this science forum as a place of intellectual discourse. We invite Requests for new discussion topics but we ask that you keep in mind that they should have general interest to all the members of this community.

How to Participate

Any interested teacher, scientist and/or science expert is invited to join in the various discussions by contributing comments on the associated message boards or by sending comments to the Project Coordinator. We welcome your comments as a partcipant on the message boards, as well as the presentation of differing viewpoints and/or additional references that will broaden the scope of the discussion. To make extended comments we ask that you contact the Project Coordinator so that your comments may be properly archived.

Everyone in the Access Excellence community has a remarkable outreach capability, often interacting with science professionals and experts to enhance science education locally. You, the Host, will become the conduit between AE and the Presenter; you will prepare a short biography of the Presenter for inclusion in his/her invitation to participate; collect background materials for posting from the Presenter; provide a brief biographical sketch of yourself; function as a moderator of the Presenter's message board -- checking in occasionally to evaluate the flow of the discussion; raise new questions to stimulate discussion; and in the unlikely event that it is necessary, notify the Project Coordinator should an entry appear to be offensive or scientifically inaccurate. SciTalk discussions are planned to run for only 2-3 weeks, after which the discussions will be available as archived files.

To schedule a SciTalk, Hosts are asked to register their Presenter with the SciTalk coordinator at least one month prior to the requested SciTalk date. Early registration makes it more likely that the preferred dates will be met. You will be contacted by the Project Coordinator as soon as possible after receipt of you inquiry. Science professionals have expertise that --via the Internet-- can be made available to biology teachers everywhere. Such individuals (Presenters) supported by you, their Host, should: 1) be interested in actively engaging in the online dialog and 2) be willing to share their expertise in planned and prescheduled discussions.

Any science expert, whether researcher, medical-clinical, hobbyist/enthusiast or activist for the environment, etc. is cordially invited to participate in SciTalk by sharing their expertise in an open forum discussion. Your time investment is determined only by your responsibility to check regularly on the discussion board and to respond to questions and/or comments by the registrants over the scheduled two to three week period. You may direct any specific questions about SciTalk to your Host who will expedite your participation in every way possible. You will be asked to provide a one to three-page background paper and information to be used by your Host in the preparation of a short biographical sketch. We would be happy to have a photograph to personalize your participation on our discussion board. As soon as your SciTalk is selected for scheduling, you will receive a written letter of intent, specifying your and our responsibilities in relation to your SciTalk.

Volunteer As A Presenter
We invite interested science experts who do not have connections with a SciTalk host to contact the Project Manager to present a discussion in your area of expertise. Simply register and provide the information requested. You will be assigned a Host who will assist you in preparing for and participating in your SciTalk. For additional information about your responsibilities, see Presenters.

If you would like to recommend a specific topic for a SciTalk discussion, please make your request using the form provided. If you are able to host such a discussion and have a Presenter in mind you are asked to register as a Host.

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