Biotech Applied

Biotech Applied looks at the practical applications of biotechnology - including drug development, the use of bacteria in industry, biotechnology on the farm and at the dinner table (the issue of genetically modified foods), the use of DNA forensics, and strategies for introducing biotechnology into the classroom.


Table of Contents

  Revolutions in Medicine Forensics - Sleuthing with Biotech
  Bacteria Going to Work Strategies for the Classroom
  From Farms to Your Table Winding Your Way Through DNA
  Biotechnolgy -It's in Your Food  

Revolutions in Medicine

Bacteria Going to Work

From Farms to Your Table

Biotechnology - It's In Your Food

Forensics - Sleuthing with Biotech

Strategies for Introducing Biotechnology in the Classroom

Winding Your Way Through DNA

Excerpts from UCSF's 1992 symposium on biotechnology.

Three of the many topics presented at this important and informative symposium are available in About Biotech. The Bioethics section includes DNA on the Witness Stand, a discussion of DNA identification technologies. Biotech Applied (this page) links to Green Genes, a discussion of genetically modified food, and Biotech Chronicles includes From Corned Beef to Cloning, an account of the beginnings of recombinant DNA technology.

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