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This series of xray images of the human skeleton is designed to be used with a computer projection system and for individualized computer-aided instruction. Identical images are posted in labeled and unlabeled format.

Access Excellence GRAPHICS GALLERY
Our award winning Graphics Gallery contains labeled diagrams with explanations representing important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated.
    From Gene to Function
    Biological Engineering
    Cell Processes
    Building Blocks
    Chromosomes and Cell Division

Virtual Microscope This Virtual Microscope helps students learn the basics of light microscope use.
From the University of Delaware

Light and electron microscopy - projects by and for students.

The Micropolitan Museum of microscopic art forms - features the finest microscopic masterpieces nature has ever produced. Elegant!

Microscopy- links to collections of fascinating images and microscopy information.

Michael Davidson and Florida State University Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery

Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery  –   includes animals, crops, education, field research, fruits & veggies illustrations, insects, lab research, and plants

Army Corp of Engineering Digital Photo Library   –  State/Location search includes sites around the world.

AMA Atlas of the Human Body

Bio-DiTRL Biological - Digital Teaching Resource Library includes images, animations, video clips and text excerpts for use by subscribers.

Biomedia Galleries

Cal Photos  –  39,155 plant, animal and habitat images from the University of California, Berkeley e-library.

Human Genome Project Image Gallery   –   Five galleries of images related to the Human Genome Project, genomics, and genetics

NASA Life Science Images  –  images associated with experiments conducted during shuttle and space station missions. Includes neurobiology, microgravity, biotechnology and much more.

National Cancer Institute's Understanding Cancer Series  –  Approximately 400 life science graphics available in PDF and PowerPoint formats that may be downloaded. The art presented here is copyrighted and distributed free of charge for educational purposes.

Pics4Learning  –  this collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers.

    PBS: How Cells Divide  Using split screen animation and text, mitosis and meiosis are compared.
    DNA Learning Center: Biology Animations Library
    Biomedia Galleries
    Cells Alive This website includes animations, film, and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms.