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Health and Science Questions

This site's primary focus is on biology, life science and health education. Due to our limited human resources, it is not possible to answer all of the individual questions we receive. However, we have many links in our Resource Center that may be of help to you. If you are looking for
  • medical, health, or disease inforamtion, see Health Information Online

  • For homework help or answers to a specific question, see the Ask an Expert/Homework Help links in the For Students Section of our Resource Center.

  • Please note: We do not have the resources necessary to help students with their homework. Occassionally, we can direct you to a place on the Internet where you can find the answers you are looking for, but given our other responsibilities, this is not always possible to do in a timely manner.

You can also search this site to find information that might help answer your question.

Questions Specific to Biology

Because of its focus on biology, this site already contains answers to many frequently asked biology questions. One of the more common topics these days is biotechnology, especially cloning. Our "About Biotech" and "What's News" sections contain most of this site's information on biotechnology and cloning.

You can also search this site.

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You may link to a pages on this site without further permission. We have only one limitation regarding links to our pages: no frames.

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If your purpose for our content is face-to-face education, does not involve any type of resale, and only involves a small number of printed reproductions, then please email a list of the URLs from which you intend to access our content. The list is important because different copyrights may apply to certain parts of our site. Once we confirm receipt of the list of content, you may use the listed content for inclusion in your printed teaching materials.

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We can give permission for you to link to our site, but not for you to reproduce our content on your site. Copyright agreements with our contributors do not allow us to grant permission to post material from our site any other Web site. All other forms of electronic distribution are also prohibited. This practice best uses the web and avoids violating copyrights for content on our site. Please let us know to which web addresses you are going to link.

Submitting Links and/or Resources to AE

You can recommend a favorite site or resource for the Resource Center or you can submit an activity for posting in Activities-to-Go. Please note: We do not "exchange" links. Links submitted for posting in our Resource Center are reviewed for their relevance and value to the teaching and learning of biology, health and life science. Activities are reviewed for scientific accuracy, then peer reviewed before they appear on the Access Excellence Web site.

Technical Questions and Problems

Technical Questions

If you have technical questions or problems to report, send e-mail here.

My filtering software denies access to AE

Some filtering software used by school districts denies access to our site because of our name. If this is the case, you should be able to access our site by using: http://www.access-excellence.org